Intermediate Books for the Serious Student

This list is in no way claiming to be totally exhaustive, but is given to help the individual student know which are some of the principal study aids available.



A. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (KJV)--Various Publishers ** B. Young's Analytical Concordance (KJV)--Various Publishers
C. Nave's Topical Bible--Baker Book House
D. Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge--R.A.Torrey
E. Topical Analysis of the Bible, Elwell -- Baker Book House **


A. New Bible Dictionary, Douglas--Tyndale Publishing House **
B. Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (5-vol.), Tenney (ed.) **
C. The Interpreters Bible Dictionary (5-vol.), Abingdon Press
D. Unger's Bible Dictionary, Merril Unger--Moody Press
E. Dictionary of Biblical Literacy, Cecil B. Murphey--Thomas Nelson
F. The Revell Bible Dictionary--Revell **
G. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Elwell -- Baker Book House **

Commentaries Sets: IC:

A. The New Bible Commentary (1-vol.), Douglas--Tyndale Publishing House
B. The Wycliffe Bible Commentary (1-vol.)--Moody Press **
C. Beacon's Bible Commentary (10-vol), Baker Book House **
D. Ironside Commentary Set (24-vol), H.A. Ironside--Loizeaux Bros. **
E. Lenski N.T. Commentary Set (12-vol), Lenski--Augsburg Pub.
(Excellent for the Syntax of the Greek Grammar)
F. Commentary on the Old Testament (10-vol), Kiel & Delitzsch--Eerdman Pub.
G. The Pulpit Commentary Set (24-vol.)--Eerdman Publishing
H. The Bible Exposition Commentary, (2-vol.), Warren Wiersbe--Scripture Press **
I. Unger's Commentary on the O.T. (2-vol.), Merril Unger--Moody Press **
J. The Daily Study Bible Series N.T. (18-vol) William Barclay Westminster Press
(Great for history but liberal on the miracles)
K. Matthew Henry Commentary Set (6 Vol.) Matthew Henry

Word Study/ Language Tools:

A. Wuest Word Studies of the Greek N.T. (4-vol.), K. Wuest--Eerdman Publishing
B. Theological Wordbook of the O.T. (2-vol.), G. Archer--Moody Press **
C. Theological Dictionary of the N.T. (1 vol.), Kittel--Eerdman Publishing
D. Dictionary of N.T. Theology (3-vol.), Colin Brown--Zondervan Publishing **
E. Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, Vine--Various Publishers **
F. Robertson's Word Pictures of the Greek N. T. (6-vol.), A.T. Robertson--Baker
G. The Complete Word Study New Testament, Zodhiates -- AMG Publishers **
H. The Complete Word Study Old Testament, Zodhiates -- AMG Publishers **
Advanced Tools
I. Analytical Greek N.T.--Baker Book House
J. Theological Dictionary of the N.T. (10-vol.), Kittel--Eerdman Publishing
K. Syntax of the Greek N.T., Brooks
L. Moods & Tenses of N.T. Greek, Burton--Kregel Publishing
M. Hebrew-English Lexicon of the O.T., Brown, Driver, Briggs--Hendrickson


A. A History of Israel, Bright--Baker Book House **
B. Life & Times of Jesus The Messiah, Edersheim--Eerdman Publishing
C. Sketches of Jewish Social Life, Edersheim--Eerdman Publishing
D. The Temple, Edersheim--Eerdman Publishing
E. Manners & Customs of Bible Lands, Wight--Moody Press **
F. The Biblical World, Pfeiffer
G. MacMillan Bible Atlas, Aharoni--MacMillan Publishing
H. The Bible Almanac, J.I. Packer--Nelson Publishing **
I. Old Testament Bible History, Edersheim--Eerdman Publishing
J. New Testament Foundations (2-vol.), Ralph Martin--Eerdman Publishing
K. The IVP Bible Background Commentary New Testament & Old Testament--IVP
L. The Victor Bible Background Commentary: NT

Bible Introduction & Survey :

A. Talk Thru The Bible, Bruce Wilkerson--Nelson Publishing **
B. A Survey of Old Testament, Gleason Archer--Moody Press **
C. A Popular Survey of the Old Testament, N. Geisler--Baker Book House **
D. Introduction to the New Testament, (3-vol.), D. E. Hiebert--Moody Press
E. Jensen's Survey Of The New Testament, Irving Jensen--Moody Press

Systematic Theology

General Theology:

A. Foundations Of Pentecostal Theology, Duffield & VanCleave--Life Bible Pub. **
B. Lectures In Systematic Theology, Thiessen--Eerdmans Publishing
C. What the Bible Teaches, R.A. Torrey--Revell Publishing *
D. Chafer's Systematic Theology (2 or 8 vol.), L.S. Chafer--Zondervan Publishing
E. Moody Handbook of Theology, Paul Enns--Moody Press *
F. Finney's Systematic Theology, Charles Finney--Bethany House Pub.
G. Systematic Theology, Berkhof -- Eerdmans Publishing
H. Renewal Theology (3 volumes), Williams -- Zondervan Publishing *
I. Practical Christian Theology, Barackman -- Kregel Publishing
J. Great Doctrines of the Bible, Evans -- Moody Press *

Theology Proper:

A. Knowing God, J.I. Packer--IVP Press **
B. God In Three Persons, C. Beisner--Tyndale Press **
C. The First Person, L. Strauss--Loizeaux Bros. **
D. Existence & Attributes of God, Charnock
F. Yeshua Style, Erwin -- Yeshua Publishing


A. The Deity of Jesus Christ, Josh McDowell--O.P. **
B. The Words & Works of Jesus Christ, J. D. Pentecost--Zondervan Publishing **
C. Christ In All The Scriptures, A. M. Hodgkin--Pickering Classic **
D. Robboni, Keller -- Revell Publishing
E. Jesus Style, Erwin -- Word Publishing **
F. The life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (2Vol), Edersheim **


A. Charisma Vs. Charismania, Chuck Smith--Harvest Publishing **
B. The Person And Work of the Holy Spirit, R. Pache--Moody Press **
C. The Third Person, L. Strauss--Loizeaux Bros.
D. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, H. Horton--Gospel Publishing House
E. Concerning Spiritual Gifts, D. Gee--Gospel Publishing House
F. How To Find Fullness of Power, R.A. Torrey--Zondervan


A. The Plaque of Plaques, Ralph Venning--Banner of Truth *
B. The Atonement, Leon Morris--Eerdman Publishing
C. Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, Leon Morris--Eerdman Publishing
D. The Cross, John Stott--Eerdman Publishing **
E. Life in the Son, Shank -- Bethany House Publishing
F. If You Continue, Duty -- Bethany House Publishing
G. Elect in the Son, Shank -- Bethany House Publishing


A. Things To Come, D. Pentecost--Zondervan Publishing **
B. The Rapture Question, John Walvoord--Zondervan Publishing **
C. The Millennium, John Walvoord--Zondervan Publishing
D. What The World Is Coming To, Chuck Smith--Word For Today **
E. Prophecy For Today, D. Pentecost--Zondervan Publishing
F. Prophecy Bible Handbook, John Walvoord--Victor Books


A. A General Introduction To The Bible, Geisler/Nix--Moody Press **
B. The Inspiration & Authority of Scripture, R. Pache--Moody Press **
C. From Ancient Tablets to Modern Translations, Ewert--Zondervan Pub.
D. The Battle For The Bible, H. Lindsell--Tyndale Publishers OP
E. Inerrancy, Norman Geisler--Zondervan Publishing

Church History:

A. The Story of Christianity, (2-vol.), Justo Gonzalez--Harper & Row **
B. Church History In Plain Language, Bruce Shelley--Zondervan Pub. **
C. History of the Christian Church, (3 or 6 vol.), Philip Schaff--AP & A Pub.
D. New International Dictionary of Church History, Douglas--Zondervan Pub.
E. Eerdman's Handbook of Church History, Dowley--Eerdman Publishing

Apologetics/ Cult Reference Works:

A. Evidence That Demands A Verdict, (2-vol.), Josh McDowell--Thomas Nel. Pub. **
B. Christian Apologetics, N. Geisler--Baker Book House **
C. Classical Apologetics, Sproul, Gerstner, Lindsley--Zondervan Pub.
D. Basic Christianity, John Stott
E. Handbook on Today's Religions, Josh McDowell--Here's Life Pub. **
F. Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Martin--Gospel Light **
G. Come, Let us Reason, Geisler, Brooks--Baker Books (Philosophy) **
I. When Sceptics Ask, Geisler--Victor Books **
J. When Critics Ask, Geisler--Victor Books **
L. Case for Christ, Lee Strobel -
M. Case for Faith, Lee Strobel --


Evangelism/ Missions:

A. How To Give Your Faith Away, Paul Little **
B. The Evangelism Explosion, **
C. Out of the Salt Shaker, Pippert
D. Perspective on World Christian Movement, R. Winter--William Kerey Lib. **
E. St. Paul's Missionary Methods, R. Allen **
F. Understanding Christian Missions, Kane--Baker Book House

Counseling / Marriage & Family:

A. Competent To Counsel, Jay Adams--Baker Book House **
B. Christian Counselors Manual, Jay Adams--Baker Book House **
C. Handbook For Christian Counselors, Billy Graham--World Wide Pub.
D. Strike The Original Match, Chuck Swindoll--Multnomah Press **
E. You And Your Child, Chuck Swindoll--Multnomah Press
F. Self-Confrontation Manuel, Various Authors -- Thomas Nelson Pub. **

Ethics/ Leadership:

A. The Integrity Crises, Warren Wiersbe--Nelson Publishing OP **
B. Christianity in Crisis, H. Hanagraff -- Harvest House Pub.
C. Encyclopedia of Biblical & Christian Ethics, Harrison--Nelson Pub.
D. Addicted To Mediocrity, Chuck Swindoll--Word Publishing **
E. Hand Me Another Brick, Chuck Swindoll--Multnomah Press
F. Victorious Christian Service, Allen Redpath--Revell **
G. Making Of A Man of God, Allen Redpath--Revell **
H. Victorious Christian Faith, Allen Redpath--Revell
I. Making of a Christian Leader, Ted Engstrom--Tyndale
J. Spiritual Discipleship, Sanders -- Moody Press *
K. Spiritual Leadership, Sanders -- Moody Press *

Study Bibles:

A. New Open Bible--Thomas Nelson Pub. **
B. Disciple's Study Bible--Holman *
C. Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible--Baker
D. Inductive Study Bible--Harvest House Pub.
E. NIV Study Bible
Comparative Reading Texts
F. Jewish New Testament, David H. Stern--Jewish New Testament Pub. *
G. Wuest New Testament, Wuest--Eerdmans *


A. Interpreting the Bible, A. Berkeley Michelsen--Eerdmans **
B. Basic Bible Interpretation, Zuck -- Victor Books **
C. Living By The Book, Hendricks & Hendricks -- Moody Press
D. Rediscovering Expository Preaching, MacArthur, Jr. -- Word Pub.


A. Lectures To My Students, C. H. Spurgeon--Zondervan
B. Thirty Minutes to Raise the Dead, Bennett -- Nelson
C. Between Two Worlds, John R.W. Stott--Eerdmans
D. Mastering Contemporary Preaching" by Hybels, Briscoe, Robinson--Mult.
E. The Elements of Preaching, Warren & David Wiersbe--Tyndale
F. Guide to Effective Sermon Delivery, Jerry Vines--Moody Press
G. Little Exercise for Young Theologians, Helmut Thielicke--Eerdmans
H. Illustrations for Biblical Preaching, Green--Baker
I. Biblical Preaching, Robinson -- Baker Book House **
J. Seven Laws of the Learner, Wilkinson -- Multnomah Publishers **


*, ** - Books that are highly recommended or as essential for your library.


IC - For individual commentaries on various books of the Bible, we recommend you consult one of the sales representatives at your local bookstore.


OP - Out of print book. Seek it at a used bookstore.